Case Study –The Crystal


Raise awareness on the importance of water as a precious commodity

Design and Construction of Water Zone for The Crystal Building, London

Contracted by Siemens

Aquascapes were honoured to have central involvement in the design and construction of the water zone at London’s prestigious landmark “The Crystal”, a sustainable Cities Initiative by Siemens.

Our brief was to raise awareness on the importance of water as a precious commodity, which we realised through creating various eye-catching features.

This is the world’s first interactive exhibition dedicated to improving our knowledge of urban sustainability and every visitor is guided through the urban infrastructure of the future and how lesser water wastage and careful usage can be achieved.

The crystal is set to sit at the heart of a brand new green enterprise district, which will sweep across the east of the city. We envisage that the district will be a vibrant, International hub incubating dozens of low carbon businesses

Boris JohnsonMayor of London

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